JUNE2024 images 65 PF PRINT & EMBROIDERY CONSUMABLES TheMagicTouch: White Toner Transfers White toner transfers (WTT) offer an entry-level, desktop powderless DTF solution for single and full-colour transfers for garment and textile decoration, says TheMagicTouch (TMT). “The new two-part white toner transfers consist of a transparent film and a white paper booster, enabling full-colour transfers to be produced with vibrancy, speed and durability, with no cutting or weeding required — all using CMYK + white toner transfers printed with LED/laser digital desktop printers. “Simply print the logo/design onto the matte side of the transparent film, and then press together with the white paper booster; the white will only transfer to where the toner is on the transparent sheet,” says TMT. Developed for logos and smaller images up to A3, the transfers are available in sets of 50 sheets of film, plus on paper in an A4 and A3 format. The WTT film/paper settings have been added to the latest version of TMT’s basic and pro software: existing users can update and download for free: “The new versions have many improved features, including rasterisation for block and solid designs that have a softer feel.” The toner-based process is also supported with a three-year onsite warranty. Hybrid Services: Mimaki PHT50 Heat Transfer Pigment Inks Mimaki’s specially developed PHT50 heat transfer pigment ink ensures maximum uptime and productivity thanks to its stable operation and consistent jetting, explains UK distributor Hybrid Services. Suitable for both the Mimaki TxF150-75 and TxF300-75 DTF (direct-to-film) printers, the PHT50 inks are available as a five-colour ink set (CMYK and white), and are certified by the Oeko-Tex Eco Passport. They’re supplied in a degassed aluminium pack, removing single-use plastic waste, thanks to reusable eco-cases that mount into the printer, adds Hybrid Services. The PHT50 cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks are supplied in 600ml packs, with its white ink available as a 500ml pack. The new white toner transfers are available in sets of 50 sheets of film or in an A4 and A3 paper format The PHT50 heat transfer pigment inks are available as a five-colour ink set Midwest Machinery DTF Ink, Film and Adhesive Powders Midwest Machinery supplies a complete range of keenlypriced DTF printing consumables alongside its best-selling Phantom X Generation DTF printers. As well as the standard CYMK ink set, the company’s Platinum DTF inks are also available in light cyan and light magenta. Midwest also holds deep stocks of DTF film, including 100m rolls of 300mm and 600mm wide, double-sided, hot-peel film, plus special effects options, such as glitter, gold and reflective (in 5m and 20m rolls), plus glow-in the-dark (5m rolls only). Completing the consumables range are premium, super-fine Platinum DTF Adhesive Powder in white (1kg and 20kg bags) and black block (1kg bags only). All of the Midwest DTF consumable products have been thoroughly tested and proven to work together to deliver optimum printed results at low cost. Dae Ha UK: Holographic & puff PU and Metallic Foil DTF Film Dae Ha UK has expanded the colour range of its Puff PU Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) to include four new metallic shades: neon red, neon purple, melon and lemon yellow. Other new products for 2024 include the stretchable Holographic HTV, as well as a two-tone Puff HTV. Anew high-shine Metallic Foil DTF film promises to excel when used for small letters and intricate designs. Withover 500 colours and textures to choose from, Dae Ha HTV and DTF films are made using certified blended recycled polyester, and manufactured in Class 1,000 Clean rooms “for consistent quality, roll after roll”. DaeHaPuff PU HTV in new metallic shades Platinum DTF Adhesive Powder from Midwest