PRINT & EMBROIDERY CONSUMABLES 64 images JUNE2024 Indie Ink: Indie Ultra DTF Film The new Indie Ultra DTF Film is a hot peel, anti-static film available in 30cm and 60cm rolls as well as A3+ sheets, says Indie Ink. “The film, coupled with Indie Ultra inks and powder, offer users superb benefits in print quality, wash-fastness and low maintenance alternatives to other consumables on the market — colour vibrancy is enhanced with the new Indie Ultra DTF film, offering superb colour characteristics and high-definition release properties!” Additionally, Indie Ink supplies Dae Ha’s DTF films, which it explains are made with recycled polyester. The new Indie Ultra DTF Film is available in 30cm and 60cm rolls as well as A3+ sheets AJS Embroidery Services: Gunold Embroidery Threads, Bobbins & Backings Gunoldoffers a wide range of products for industrial embroidery and finishing, says supplier AJS. This includes viscose, polyester, wool-effect, speciality and metallic embroidery threads, as well as bobbins, both pre-wound and on a cone. A selection of embroidery backings are also available, including tearaway, cut-away, iron-on, selfadhesive, water-soluble and pre-cut varieties. In addition, the supplier offers Gunold’s stitch-effect fabrics in canvas, twill, textured and felt effects, as well as 3D foam. InkTec: DTF Inks, Films & Hot-Melt Adhesive Powder InkTecoffers a selection of consumables for direct-to-film (DTF) printing, including inks, films and hot-melt adhesive powder. Formulated by an in-house development and research team, its DTF inks have undergone stringent testing to create a smooth ink flow, explains InkTec. “They create a soft, printed finished image texture, which is both flexible and stretchy with excellent adhesion and transfer rate. The inks also offer superior soap- and water-resistance, and maintain consistent printing quality under high speeds with lower production costs.” Available in a one-litre bottle, the inks come in a range of colours including CMYK, plus white, and with a cleaning solution. They’re compatible with most DTF printers, particularly those with Epson print heads, including the F1080/P600/i3200/i1600/DX4, DX5 andDX6. InkTec’s anti-static, hot-peel DTF transfer film is available in a 60cm width on a 100m roll. It’s ideal for faster production, with no weeding required, and it works equally well for a warm/cold peel too, adds the manufacturer. “It’s also high-ink loading to deliver premium matte, high-resolution, vivid colours with no oil.” In addition, InkTec offers itsDTF hot-melt adhesive powder, which promises excellent adhesion and washability. It’s available as either a white or black option in 1kg bags. The Gunold range includes viscose, polyester and metallic embroidery threads InkTecoffersDTF inks, films and hot-melt adhesive powder