ImagesMagUK_June_2024 62 images JUNE2024 PRINT & EMBROIDERY CONSUMABLES Madeira UK: Madeira Green Thread, Ezee Green Backing & Persona DTF Film Madeira UK offers a variety of embroidery threads, including rayon, polyester, and flame- and heat-resistant variants, as well as sustainable, anti-static and high-conductive. This includes two sustainable thread choices from its Madeira Green portfolio: Sensa Green, made from 100% biodegradable lyocell fibres, and Polyneon Green, made from 100% recycled (PET) plastic bottles. A range of embroidery backings are also available from the supplier, which consist of cut-away and tearaway options in various weights that come either on rolls or in pre-cut squares (custom sizes can also be catered for). A new addition to the range is Ezee Green, which is made from 100% recycled polyester in 45g and 80g weights. Madeira UK also now offers consumables for direct-to-film (DTF) printing, including Persona, an antistatic, double-sided film specifically used for creating DTF transfers. “The hot peel film facilitates faster production, while ensuring a high-quality finish,” explains Madeira. “Made from one PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the film can be widely recycled. “Additionally, we’re stocking Persona DTF adhesive powder in black and white, which is specially formulated to adhere to the wet ink printed on the film for the heat transfer process. “The black powder serves to obstruct garment colours or patterns that might otherwise be visible through the transfe guaranteeing colours remain vibrant!” Stocks Sewing Machines: Isacord Embroidery Threads sacord embroidery threads are made rom 100% continuous filament polyester or strength and durability, ensuring hat every stitch withstands he test of time, says UK istributor Stocks. “Utilised for intricate machine mbroidery, sacord threads adapt seamlessly to various techniques, catering to the diverse needs of both amateurs and seasoned professionals. “The extensive colour range, spanning hundreds of shades, provides a broad spectrum of options to bring creative visions to fruition with precision and vibrancy.” Additionally, Isacord threads promise “outstanding washability and colour-fastness, retaining excellent quality even after repeated laundering”, adds Stocks. A variety of bobbins, backings and embroidery accessories are also available from Stocks. Isacord embroidery threads are made from 100% continuous filament polyester The range of consumables available from Madeira UK includes Sensa Green embroidery thread and the new Persona DTF film[Image courtesy of Involution Ltd] S E Is fr fo th th d m e Is ETC Supplies: Generation 2 Ultra Soft Extra Backing The latest Generation 2 Ultra Soft Extra Backing will allow you to use it on even more applications, and in place of cut-away backings in some cases, says ETC. “It’s even softer than before, but with more bulk in the fibre lay, which means that the backing will absorb a lot more thread tensions without perforating and reduce puckering. “Most designs only require one sheet of Generation 2 Ultra Soft Extra Backing — it’s designed to absorb the extra tension and provide you with a perfect embroidery without distortion, and when finished you can tear away the backing, leaving a clean finish on the back of your embroidery.” Generation 2 Ultra Soft Extra Backing is designed to absorb extra tension