DTF ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT 56 images JUNE2024 Vastex International: D-100 and D-1000 conveyor dryers Vastex D-100 and D-1000 tabletop conveyor dryers are now available with optional Powered Exhaust to pull fumes and hot air away from the operator’s environment. This new option makes these compact dryers ideal for working in confined spaces, especially when curing direct-to-film (DTF) adhesives. Available on new units or as a retrofit kit on existing dryers, the exhaust vents from the rear of the dryer for maximum flexibility in ducting to the shop’s exterior, while reducing noise significantly. These entry-level dryers are designed to cure DTF adhesives at high rates, as well as garments screen printed with water-based ink, plastisols and discharge. Vastex reports that variable controls for both heat intensity and conveyor speed allow fine-tuning of the drying process, according to the desired cure temperature and the rate at which items are being coated with DTF adhesives or screen printed. The D-100 dryer is equipped with a 45.7 x 117cm conveyor belt and a 1,625W or optional 1,875W infrared heater. The D-1000 dryer has a 66 x 142.2cm conveyor belt and a 2,050W heater. Vastex produces a full range of infrared conveyor dryers for entry-level to high-capacity curing of DTF, DTG and screen printed garments, and the company offers a 15-year warranty on all its heaters. The Vastex tabletop D-100 and D-1000 conveyor dryers are now available with optional Powered Exhaust Sabur: Neolt XY DTF Cutter The Neolt XY DTF Cutter enables decorators to cut media up to 800mm wide, says Sabur. “The cutter has up to 10 vertical cutting knives paired with one horizontal blade, giving you all the flexibility you need to replicate and cut multiple instances of more-intricate artwork. “Thanks to automatically set registration marks, you'll also find the Neolt integrates with ease, with Flexiprint and Ergosoft RIP software.” Promising a small footprint, the Neolt XY also features a built-in LCD screen and an inbuilt compressor. The Neolt XY DTF cuts media up to 800mm wide