DTF ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT 52 images JUNE2024 RA Smart: Secabo DTF MultiCut Pro The new Secabo DTF MultiCut Prooffers a DTF flatbed cutting solution with an integrated conveyor belt designed to automatically pull in film rolls and cut them precisely, says RA Smart. “Automating up to 1,000 transfer motifs per hour, the Secabo DTF MultiCut Pro has a high-performance camera that captures the registration marks of the printed media at lightning speed, and automatically loads the associated cutting data. “The cutting itself is also fast: the device needs between 30 and 60 seconds for a typical area of 60x88cm, then the cut motifs end up in a catch tray.” Unsung heroes If digital printers are the stars of DTF printing, then items of ancillary equipment, such as powder shakers, ovens and cutting units, are the essential supporting cast. We review the latest innovative solutions on the market The Secabo DTF MultiCut Pro automates the cutting of up to 1,000 transfer motifs per hour TheMagicTouch: DTFMagic Curing Oven The new DTFMagic Curing Oven offers a portable desktop oven designed for consistent results when manually curing DTF transfers up to 50x40cm, says TheMagicTouch (TMT). “The curing oven has a digital controller for precise settings of temperature and time — the curing process starts at the touch of a button, and alerts users to remove the cured, powdered transfer film.” The DTFMagic Curing Oven includes an integrated air purifier that operates as a normal 220V appliance, and uses a traditional base heating element as opposed to lamps or bulbs. “This ensures even heat distribution across the transfer,” adds TMT, “with reduced curing time and lower temperature requirements”. The new DTFMagic Curing Oven cures DTF transfers up to 50x40cm