ImagesMagUK_June_2024 48 images JUNE2024 TIPS & TECHNIQUES Standing out in a crowd isn’t always easy to achieve, especially with basic text designs. However, mixing up the manufacturing process with different techniques can help exceed customers’ expectations. Glow-in-the-dark vinyl appliqué is a popular choice for adding unique and eye-catching elements to clothing – and pairing it with a simple satin border outline makes it look much more than just a HTV (heat transfer vinyl) print. This special type of vinyl also offers enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, making it ideal for nighttime events. Being able to add a captivating and eye-catching element creates unique design possibilities for any project. Not looking for a glow-in-the-dark finish? No problem, why not substitute this with some sparkling HTV! How to do it... The process is straightforward and simple to produce. We opted for some text for the demonstration – if you do this, something to consider is the column width. With text, a chunky font will always work best. Set up your embroidery design as you would normally, ensuring that it has an empty space in which the vinyl can be added. 1. Frame up the garment as normal. 2. Cut your vinyl to the rough size for the embroidery – this doesn’t need to be exact, just ensure it’s not too small. 3. Peel off the plastic carrier from the vinyl. This is important, otherwise you Removing the excess HTV Lighting up yourpath Make your designs shine this summer with some bright advice from Dominic Bunce of embroidery digitiser David Sharp won’t be able to press to the garment. 4. Place the HTV on the garment in position – we recommend applying a tape around the outer areas to hold it in place, or a little temporary spray mount on the rear of the HTV will help smooth it out and hold it in place. 5. Embroider the logo over the top of theHTV. 6. Once the embroidery is finished, tear away the excess vinyl, taking care to not lift the internal areas of the design. For text, we recommend a pair of tweezers to remove those really small areas. 7. Once ready, cover the design with a Teflon sheet then heat press at 150185°C for eight to 10 seconds under medium pressure (check the HTV manufacturer’s recommended settings). One last tip: Glow-in-the-dark HTV requires time to charge under daylight so don’t be too disappointed when you take it into a dark room and nothing happens! Leave the design in daylight for a while first, and you will be impressed with the results. This 17,149-stitch design took 19 minutes to run and 10 seconds to heat press The finished glow-in-the-dark decoration