ImagesMagUK_June_2024 JUNE2024 images 17 INDUSTRY NEWS NH Computer-to-Screen THE DIGITAL SCREENROOM III V-LUX & EXILEʼs Digital Screen room solutions automate the screenmaking process by imaging digital stencils directly on to coated screens with fully automatic digital registration. - - Tel: 01582 573980 Styler2 FREE • Eliminate Film • Reduce Labour Costs • Digital Registration • Reduce Exposure Times • Faster Press Setup • Improved Image Quality After imaging the screens are ready for immediate UV exposure with no need for a glass or vacuum. Computer-to-Screen ETC Supplies moves from Glasgow to Hereford ETC Supplies has relocated from Glasgow to Hereford. The company has moved to Rotherwas Industrial Estate in Hereford to be based alongside the UK team of Halco Europe, which acquired ETC Supplies last year. In a statement, the company said: “The move is in line with the strategy of pushing the company forward, with a larger warehouse space to house much more stock, as well as larger office space, so we can continue to grow our team too.” ETC Supplies and Halco Europe’s UK base in Hereford Adjustable exhaust now standard for Vastex EconoRed dryers Vastex International’s EconoRed conveyor dryers will now be equipped with an adjustable exhaust as standard. The exhaust optimises the curing of printed textiles, direct-to-film (DTF) films and powdered adhesives while cooling the skin of the enclosure and minimising wasted heat. Using a damper control knob, the volume of exhausted air can be adjusted from 100% to 10% according to the size, weight, throughput and ink type used for printed garments and the dwell time for curing powdered adhesives on DTF or screen-printed transfers. Excess air flow unnecessary for exhausting of fumes is diverted and filtered to cool the double-wall skin of the heating chamber for worker safety. Retrofit kits will be available for upgrading existing EconoRed dryers with adjustable exhausts. Adjustable exhaust on Vastex EconoRed dryer