INDUSTRY NEWS 16 images JUNE2024 Follow us on Threads: @imagesmaguk Russell launches Authentics teamwear Russell Europe has launched Russell Authentics, which combines the brand’s bestsellers with sustainable newcomers. The styles in the new collection are described as sporty, comfortable, allround teamwear pieces as well as “extra durable, easy-care and versatile”. They are designed to be perfect canvases for decoration and are suitable for a wide range of professions. All are available in a range of sizes and colours. The line-up includes the Authentic Sweat styles (262/271B Authentic Sweat/265M Authentic Hooded Sweat/270M Authentic Quarter Zip Sweat), the Authentic Classic T-Shirts (180M/B/L) and the all-new Authentic Eco Polo570M. Fresh Air welcomes first Spyder III system in the UK Exile Technologies has installed the first Spyder III computer-to-screen system at FreshAir. The London-based garment decoration shop has been using the Spyder II system since 2018 but needed a supplementary system to cope with demand – the company has nine automatic screen printing presses and the capacity to print 40,000 garments each day, and can need 200 or more screens a day during busy periods. “The system is very similar [to the Spyder II] and both Spyders are working side by side so we can get some great numbers out daily,” reported director Lee Craze, who has also purchased two new V-Lux exposure units from the manufacturer. “The new Spyder III gives us the ability to run higher screen rulings to boost our stencil image quality,” he added. The Spyder III was officially launched in the UK in February and received its mainland European debut at Fespa Global Print Expo in March. It has a new 1,200dpi Xerox industrial print head and can be used with any type of emulsion without compromising imaging speed, promises Exile. It can produce a typical T-shirt screen stencil in 60 seconds or less, and comes with tri-lock mechanical registration, or an optional MHM-compatible four-point pin registration system. “Artwork is applied and positioned digitally, with 0.01% accuracy, directly on to a coated screen,” said Exile. “This eliminates the need for manual and labour-intensive film registration, thereby streamlining the entire screen preparation process. The combination of mechanical registration and digital image placement eliminates any human error associated with manual film placement and translates into significant reductions in press set-up times and dramatic increases in screenroom productivity.” Managing director Mark Evans reports that Exile Technologies is currently talking to several existing Spyder customers about upgrading to a Spyder III, with the option of trading in their existing Spyder IIs. While a company as large as Fresh Air will see a quicker return on investment (ROI) than most, says Mark, he expects a company making 80 screens a day to achieve ROI in 18 months. “This does not take into account the potential opportunity cost benefits obtained from freeing up press time,” he adds. “Even one extra job per day can have a substantial benefit – especially in smaller screen shops that may be running at near 100% capacity.” The new Spyder III (left) alongside the Spyder II at FreshAir The Authentic Sweat and Men’s Authentic Hooded Sweat