01332 85 50 85 · · ® With its large 800mm wide capacity, low operating power, ease of use & fast curing times, the Adkins Inline 800 DTF powder shaker cure unit will meet your production demands without compromising quality or reliability. Featuring a powerful shaker that ensures even distribution of powder across DTF roll films of all sizes up to 800mm in width. The unit also features high-efficiency curing lamps that cure powder quickly and evenly, resulting in high-quality prints that last. INLINE 800 DTF POWDER SHAKER CURE UNIT The TxF300-75 has been shown to increase productivity by 300% over the TxF150-75. Embodying the same core functionalities as the TxF150-75 including Mimaki’s NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) technologies to support stable operation, this is the perfect solution for fast, large volume DTF printing. TxF300-75 DTF PRINTER Mimaki’s first DTF printer with a maximum printing width of 80 cm is packed with technology. To overcome common DTF issues of ink ejection defects and white ink clogging, Mimaki has adopted a degassing ink design that uses aluminium packs as the printer’s ink packaging form, as well as a white ink circulation function MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology). TxF150-75 DTF PRINTER The premium brand DTF printer you’ve been waiting for has arrived!