PF PRINT & EMBROIDERY CONSUMABLES 56 images JUNE 2023 Xpres: Eco Flex Transfer Film Eco Flex offers a waterbased, PU heat transfer film suitable for application on all types of textiles, says Xpres. “The thin (80 microns) and elastic material comes in a matt finish, and is soft to the touch. It can be transferred at temperatures as low as 130°C for just 10 seconds!” In addition, the eco-friendly film is vegan, and made without PVC or solvent, adds the distributor. “It’s also easy to weed, and can be washed up to 40°C time and again, whilst maintaining vibrancy of colour.” Eco Flex comes in 21 colours on a one-metre, five-metre or 25m roll, and is available on an eco-friendly paper carrier. RA Smart: Polytech DTF solution For its Polytech DTF solution, the printer, applicator, ink, film and adhesive/ powders have all come from the same manufacturer, giving customers a seamless and reliable user experience, says RA Smart. “Decorators can print onto a wide variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, leather, hessian and more. Plus, the added benefit of white ink technology means that users can also print onto dark garments effectively, without the need to pretreat. “Our DTF inks are also highly durable and flexible, making prints suitable for a multitude of applications such as sportswear, fashion and even workwear!” From DTF solutions to eco-friendly inks, threads and transfers, our annual round-up of consumables for the decorated garment and textile industry provides an indispensable guide to the current best-in-class options Grab the essentials Madeira UK: Classic Rayon, Polyneon and Polyneon Shadecard no. 85 Madeira UK offers a wide range of embroidery thread types, weights and colours for various embellishment applications. This includes Classic Rayon, a durable all-rounder thread made from renewable raw materials, which is able to run at high speeds on industrial embroidery machines, says Madeira UK. Also available is Polyneon, a 100% polyester thread range “known for its durability and colourfastness to bleach and chlorine”. In addition, Madeira UK has recently launched the Polyneon Shadecard no. 85, which includes a conversion table of threads matched to Pantone’s colourmatching system. The shadecard features all 433 colours in the Polyneon range that are available in an industry standard 40 weight, which also includes multi-colours and fluorescent shades. The 150 colours that available in a finer 60 weight are indicated with a blue dot, while the 90 colours available in a super-fine 75 weight are indicated with a yellow dot. Offering a total of 108 colours, Polyneon Green threads made from recycled materials using post-consumer plastic bottles are shown with a green dot. There is also a colour index for the Polyneon FR flame-retardant threads, which come in 34 colours. The new Polyneon Shadecard no. 85 includes a conversion table of threads matched to Pantone’s colourmatching system Eco Flex can be transferred “at temperatures as low as 130°C for just 10 seconds” RA Smart’s DTF inks are suitable for printing onto sportswear, fashion and workwear