ImagesMagUK_July_2022 JULY 2022 images 29 TIPS & TECHNIQUES lower running cost over time, shaving pennies per print off a standard transfer. Just like any other printing process, there will always be a place for powderbased DTF systems, but powderless technology will take over and very quickly once more manufacturers start to make printers capable of this process. Taking away the need to apply powder by machine or manually is a bold step. It reaps many benefits, including a softer, thinner print that is virtually undetectable to the touch. Introducing metallics with hot foil and fluorescent colours is the icing on the cake – if there is one thing DTF could never do it was metallics... until now! The inks also have a different formulation to the original DTF inks that allows them to work with the liquid adhesive. A small reaction between the ink and the adhesive occurs upon contact and with heat supplied by the printer. This helps to stop the liquids from mixing and avoid any bleeding. As the whole process is water-based all that is required for curing is heat, and a lot less than with powdered transfers. This means the powderless process is more sustainable, plus all the consumables we use have full Oeko-Tex approval, so it’s a win-win situation for the impact the new powderless process has on the environment. Greater control Printing the adhesive instead of using powder gives a greater control over how much is applied – powder is either on or off, there is no adjustment possible. With a powderless system you can control how much liquid is applied, allowing you to have control over the levels of adhesion and dye migration. The liquid adhesive absorbs most of any dye migration on polyester, meaning the white ink has less of a task to block NOWeeding - NOPre-Treatment NOPowder ! - NOJoke! Let Resolute introduce you to its newPowderless DTFSystem Resolute DTG Ltd - Turnoaks Lane - Chesterfield - S40 2HA - Tel: 01246 202686 - Resolute DTG - a KODAK manufacturing partner & Ricoh Gold partner. * Terms and conditions apply - available on request. for your free sample transfer or call 01246 202686 R-Jet PRO DTF NP a fully automated reel to reel water based transfer system R-Jet PRO DTF NP •Full OEKO-TEX certification for Ink and Films •Prints multiple different files with auto nesting •Special flexible DTF inks with Latex stretch •Resolute RIP software including workflow •Mainland UK delivery, installation & service •Requires NO powder in the process •12 months warranty •On-site training Click - Print - Press - Peel - Sell DTF Video the migration of colour from the shirt. Although the curing times are slightly longer for powderless prints, they actually perform better on polyester than conventional DTF transfers. The price of powderless So, what does all this amazing technology cost? Currently, there are a few powderless systems available and the initial investment in equipment is a little more than conventional DTF. As an example, the Resolute R-Jet Pro DTF NP has a price tag a little higher than the equivalent powder-based system – approximately £3,000 more than an equivalent powder-based system. Its running costs, however, are more economical, as it uses less electricity and it also has the option of a reel-toreel curing system, which allows for unattended production, or a 60cm x 50cm desktop drawer curing system, which takes up much less room. The consumables are more economical too, with the adhesive being the same price as the inks. This works out to a This is a CMYK print with the white ink and clear adhesive applied; the density bar to the right is the adhesive check bar