PF SCREEN PRINTING 56 images FEBRUARY 2023 With carousels, dryers, inks and more, it’s time to press the button on our annual review of the latest screen printing machinery, equipment and inks from leading suppliers Get screening GK Marketing: KTK Wise The new KTK Wise is a central-lifting screen printing machine equipped with an automatic cleaning function, plus control software made in-house, reports KTK’s UK distributor GK Marketing. It continues: “The Wise is controlled using software created in-house by KTK’s own team of engineers, with every program a printer may need during any printing job. Although every print head has an independent and simple control panel built in, the printing technician can control the whole machine and each of the peripherals from the central console, making the KTK Wise very fast to set up”. In addition, “the simple mechanism created for the machine to achieve its cleaning position has been designed taking into consideration that cleaning a screen must always be an easy task to perform”. The KTK Wise offers a 200x200mm printing area, with an individual control panel on each print head to control the print and flood speed, as well as the height, angle of the squeegees and the stroke length. Other features include an LCD touchscreen main control panel and screen registration system with a vernier scale, plus a print head lifting system for easy frame cleaning. It also features machine rotation with an AC motor, plus squeegee movement with an independent DC motor, and a U-shaped screen clamping system (or other if requested). An additional laser arm and a skip function are also included. I-Sub: Roq Next Automatic Screen Printing Machine The Roq Next offers an automatic, carousel screen printing machine designed to be fast, robust and precise, says UK distributor I-Sub. “With a maximum of 20 pallets and 18 colours, the machine is ideal for printing XL sizes and can produce up to 1,200 pieces per hour. “It uses the latest technological innovations, as well as allowing independent control on each print head for normal functions, such as print speed and coverage, height and angle of the ‘rulers’, as well as the stroke. “Through the independent lifting of the print heads, the Roq Next also allows you to increase your speed and quality of work done. The control of the machine is very intuitive and userfriendly, which allows for faster set-up times or adjustments on the fly.” In addition, the Roq Next promises easy maintenance, with Roq’s technical support team also on hand for any situation, adds I-Sub. The Roq Next can produce up to 1,200 pieces per hour, says I-Sub The new KTKWise is available from GK Marketing