ImagesMagUK_December_2022 DECEMBER 2022 images 65 TIPS & TECHNIQUES Joining up In part two of his article on embroidering large designs, award-winning embroiderer David Morrish of Kingfly shares his approach to the hooping process Following on from the November issue of Images in which I demonstrated how to split up a large design, this month I'm looking at the next step: how to embroider a multi-hoop design without any visible join lines. This is a technique I have used and developed over time. Other people may have alternative ways to match multiple hoops, but this way has worked for me many times and it is a method I have come to trust. Note: the trick is to ensure you have split the design into suitable hoopings. The more time you spend on accurately cutting up your design, the better the results when it comes to embroidering them together. For this method you will need the plastic square grid for your hoop, a Sharpie pen, and a Frixion pen (where the ink disappears with heat) and/or pins. In this example, I have demonstrated the matching method using the floating technique on an adhesive backing stabiliser.