ImagesMagUK_December_2022 DECEMBER 2022 images 55 PF LASER CUTTERS & ENGRAVERS Laser Cutting Service Flat Bed Laser Cutters The GS UK Laser Cutting & Engraving department uses the latest technology to provide a state of the art laser cutting service. We have been offering a bespoke laser cutting service for over 25years. Our team can produce small quantities to higher volume production with a fast turn around. We have various types of laser cutting & engraving machines to ensure that we can cut and engrave a multitude of materials at any size. Laser Engraving Service Graphixscan Galvo high speed machines With our wealth of knowledge & experience, combined with a large selection of laser cutters our customers include: Textile Designers – apparel, appliques, decorative pieces � Film Industry – costumes, headwear � Motoring Industry – from air bags to interiors � Sports Goods – trophies, team numbers, badges � Stationery – greeting cards, invitations � Model Makers – scale models � Students – design prototypes, samples The list is endless! GS UK Limited 5 Crocus Street Nottingham NG2 3DE United Kingdom +44 (0) 115 844 8000 Trotec: Vision Print and Cut Laser technology offers numerous benefits to print businesses, says Trotec. Compared with traditional mechanical technologies, lasers offer contactless processing for cleaner material finishing and finishes that would not be possible otherwise, including kiss-cut labels and stickers. The addition of print-and-cut camera recognition systems, such as Trotec’s Vision Print and Cut, allows for the speedy processing of printed materials with pinpoint accuracy, and removes the requirement for print bleeds, adds the company. “Any deviations between artwork and printed material are automatically corrected before laser cutting, guaranteeing a crisp and accurate result, and increased production efficiency. What’s more, the efficiency of the add-on greatly reduces the risk of wasted materials, saving time and money,” explains the company. “The Vision Print and Cut is available for Speedy 300 models and above, offering both large and small businesses an efficient method of print finishing.” The Vision Print and Cut camera recognition system is available for Speedy 300 models and above