PF LASER CUTTERS & ENGRAVERS 54 images DECEMBER 2022 A cut above the rest! Ideal for custom accessories, gifts and more, our round-up of top laser cutting and engraving machines will help your business to deliver precision personalisation Offering both speed and precision, laser cutting and engraving systems are increasingly popular amongst textile and garment decoration businesses looking to diversify their product offering. With these systems, a fine laser is trained onto the surface of the material to be cut or engraved. It then increases its temperature, causing vaporisation of the substrate. Lasers can be used to cut out materials in a specific pattern, as well as etch/engrave them (where only a shallow surface layer of the material is removed), depending on the power level of the laser and the speed setting that you use. Laser cutters/engravers can be used to embellish textiles and a wide variety of other materials. The addition of a laser machine to a decorator’s tool kit provides a much faster way of cutting textiles in cut-andsew operations, especially on tricky, more intricate designs. Laser systems also can seal the edges when cutting synthetic textiles to eliminate fraying, therefore making the fabrics easier to stitch together,and can even be used to engrave over zips and seams. Custom engraving also opens the door for garment decorators to create a whole new revenue stream in the personalised products market. A great option for small businesses wanting to add that personal touch, engraving enables your customers to include a unique element with a high perceived value in their finished products. Aside from opening up your business further to the retail sector through a plethora of gift and personalised item options, laser engraving allows you to offer additional products and services to your current customers, whether its office nameplates for a corporate client you’ve just supplied with branded workwear, or end-of-season trophies and awards for sports teams who already come to you to buy their team kits. Irrespective of whether you’re looking to add a first laser system to your business or add to or update your current laser equipment, the following models are amongst the very best machines that are currently available and cater for all needs and budgets. GS UK: L1810 Vision Laser Cutter Part of the L-Series range of laser cutting machines, the L1810 Vision Laser Cutter is especially suitable for the cutting of textiles, such as sportswear, dye-sublimated garments and various other raw materials used in the composite industry, says GS UK. “When it comes to keeping up with high production levels, laser cutters enable you to upgrade your production capacity while delivering high quality. The L1810 laser cutting machine has set new standards with unrivalled laser cutting technology!” states the company. The L1810 is available in two models – one with and one without a Vision Camera System. The Vision system is described by GS UK as a “true game-changer within the industry”. The Trace & Cut function is designed to automate the cutting process. This method doesn’t require a cut file (so there is no lengthy design set up) thanks to the Vision Camera System, which detects the design; the software then creates a vector file automatically with the scanned data. The Vision system will automatically laser cut out an entire roll of printed material with no pre-prepared cutting data, for maximum machine operator comfort, notes GS UK. “There’s also no need for printed registration marks, creating space for a better nesting of the print designs, and therefore maximising material use and costs.” The L1810 Vision Laser Cutter is available in two models, one with and one without a Vision Camera System