PF DIGITAL PRINTING 50 images APRIL 2023 From the latest DTF solutions to UV printer/cutters, specialist DTG platens and dual-purpose hybrid DTG/DTF printers, we review the latest innovations in the digital garment and textile printing industry The digital age Xpres: Aeoon Technologies Compact DTG Series As its exclusive UK partner, Xpres supplies the full range of Aeoon Technologies’ automated industrial direct-togarment (DTG) printers and pretreatment units for the digital textile printing market. “Customers can access production-level DTG solutions in a more cost-effective way than ever before. “One of many exciting options within the Aeoon range is the Compact DTG Printer — this high-performance industrial textile printer is the ideal solution for new or experienced textile printing companies. “The Compact Series offers high output with an average of 150+ pieces per hour, and unmatched print quality, in a smaller footprint than Aeoon’s flagship KYO Series.” In addition, Aeoon’s RIP software optimises highresolution artwork with a touch of a key, sends it to the printer and is ready to go, adds Xpres. “The software automatically adjusts the white underbase to optimise the cost per print.” In addition, Aeoon offers a large selection of platens “to offer the most flexibility for customers and, like all Aeoon printers, deliver high-resolution quality prints”. Hybrid Services: Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF Inkjet Printer The new Mimaki TxF150-75 DTF Inkjet Printer is ideal for creating customised merchandising, sportswear and various other promotional textile applications, says UK and Ireland distributor Hybrid Services. “Based on Mimaki’s 150 Series, the TxF150-75 responds to the market need for a reliable, stable DTF [direct-to-film] technology. “A built-in ink circulation system and degassed ink pack design helps prevent common DTF issues, and by utilising proprietary Core Technologies, which include a nozzle check unit and nozzle recovery system, the printing process is carried out efficiently with minimal user intervention.” In addition, Mimaki has created its own range of waterbased pigment inks, PHT50, especially for this solution, which are Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certified. The TxF150-75 DTF is also supplied with Mimaki’s RasterLink7 RIP software, adds Hybrid, “allowing users to have full oversight and the ability to streamline the process from the design to the final product”. RA Smart: Polytech DTF Solutions Polytech’s DTF printing machines offer a 60cm wide, all-inone solution, says RA Smart. “With patented ink and application technology developed over the past five years, the printer, applicator, ink, film and adhesive/powders all come from the same manufacturer, giving customers a seamless and reliable user experience.” Polytech users are able to print onto a wide variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, leather and hessian, adds RA Smart. “The added benefit of white ink technology means that users can also print onto dark garments effectively, without the need to pretreat. “Our DTF inks are also highly durable and flexible, making prints suitable for a multitude of applications such as sportswear, fashion and even workwear! “Plus, users can now create stunning DTF prints at even higher speeds, and with more colour options, using our Polytech DTF Pro Series. Our flagship DTF solutions utilise printers with four heads for those who demand the highest levels of productivity.” Polytech’s DTF Pro Series uses four heads for high levels of productivity The newMimaki TxF150-75 DTF Inkjet Printer has a builtin ink circulation system Aeoon’s Compact DTG Series offers 150+ prints an hour