DRYING & CURING SOLUTIONS 50 images MAY2024 Dae Ha UK: Lotus LTS 750 Pneumatic Press The Lotus LTS 750 Pneumatic Press has been specially developed for both digital printing and sublimation techniques, says Dae Ha UK. Measuring 40x50cm, the LTS 750 comes with a swivel heating plate, plus a double support plate, which is designed to allow one textile to be printed while the next one is being prepared on the other plate. “Its noteworthy characteristics include extremely high contact pressure (2.5 to eight bar) and – because it’s an automatic press – ease of use. The transfer process is conveniently initiated by pushing two control buttons, and after completion, the heating plate lifts automatically,” adds the supplier. “And thanks to its modular design, only one press is required to print shirts, jackets, bags, lanyard keychains, and even caps; a variety of support plates can also be quickly and conveniently interchanged.” Additional features include a digital display allowing users to “conveniently set and control transfer time and operating temperature”, as well as “high-quality heating technology” where “even and constant operating temperature is guaranteed, as well as extended durability of the heating elements”. Xpres: Adkins Inline 800 DTF Powder Shaker Cure Unit The Adkins Inline 800 is a large capacity, DTF powder shaker cure unit offering low operating power, ease of use and fast curing times, says Xpres. Its powerful shaker ensures even distribution of powder across DTF roll films up to 800mm in width, and the unit includes “high-efficiency curing lamps that cure powder quickly and evenly for high-quality prints that last. “The Inline 800 is easy to operate and maintain with its intuitive touchscreen control panel, easy access for cleaning and built-in filtration unit. “Compatible with a wide range of DTF roll-to-roll printers, it’s a versatile and reliable solution for any DTF production environment!” Xpres also offers Adkins and Sefa heat presses, including clam and swing presses, pocket and cap presses, pneumatic presses and large-format presses for a range of applications. Selected presses also feature ChromaLuxe-approved certification. It’s getting heated! We review the ‘hottest’ drying and curing solutions for textile and garment decoration professionals, from versatile heat presses to innovative tunnel dryers and curing units The new Adkins Inline 800 takes DTF roll films up to 800mm in width The Lotus LTS 750 Pneumatic Press features a double support plate Secabo: Secabo Smart Energy Saver Secabo currently offers five Smart Energy Saver heat presses with different features and sizes. The core of this innovation is an energy-efficient heating plate, explains the brand. “It saves electricity even during the heating-up phase or short breaks in work, when it’s not worth switching off the device. Additional insulation significantly reduces energy consumption in standby mode, plus the specially developed cover protects against getting burnt, and additionally saves energy. “The controller is kept simple for beginners or occasional applications, and thanks to the modular design, a Smart controller can be upgraded with more functions if required.” Its range of energy-saving models includes the TC7 Lite ES, a clam press with a work surface of 40x50cm. The TC7 Lite ES clam press is part of Secabo’s energysaving range