PF DRYERS, CALENDERS & HEAT PRESSES 62 images MAY 2022 Check out the most recent developments in drying and curing systems, from new platens and integrated heat presses to versatile conveyor dryers and entry-level calender presses Turn up the heat! Adelco: Digi-Cure + Conveyor Dryer The Digi-Cure + all-electric hot air conveyor dryer offers an updated version of the Digi-Cure textile conveyor dryer, says Adelco. “This solution is aimed at providing excellent curing ability for all textile ink systems, both digital and conventional, as well as transfers.” The new conveyor dryer comes with a sophisticated HMI control panel interface with dryer fault diagnosis, plus an automatic digital belt speed in minutes and seconds. Other features include a conveyor belt tracking system, an easy access heater bank and integrated heating element monitoring, which notifies the user on the screen if a heating element fails. The Digi-Cure + promises “twice the airflow”, and has its exhaust on the edge of the machine to stabilise the temperature, adds Adelco. “We’ve always concentrated on high airflow and efficient exhaust systems as the best medium for curing digital and screen inks with minimum effect to fabrics. “The Digi-Cure + provides such curing standards, but at a more affordable price for those wanting an efficient dryer for curing all waterbased, discharge and speciality textile inks,” says the company. To keep the working environment clean, the Digi-Cure + comes with a built-in infeed/outfeed fume extraction system, and a slide-out air filter for easy cleaning (no replacement filters required). It also features a new exhaust oil drip tray, located at the edge of the dryer for easy access and cleaning, plus tool-free removable side and top panels for easy access during maintenance. Aeoon Technologies: Plus Systems with Integrated Heat Press The new Plus systems offer an integrated heat press, enabling businesses to pre-, in-between- and after-press garments during the direct-to-garment printing process, says Aeoon. “Pre- and in-between-pressing increases the print quality even further, while after-pressing makes for an even more pleasant hand-feel, and enables double-sided printing. Plus, there are no more aesthetically displeasing press marks.” The new Plus feature is available for the Compact and Kyo systems — older Kyo models can be upgraded to a Kyo Plus; however, in some cases this might require a control upgrade, adds Aeoon. “All Aeoon machines, not only the Plus models, will also now come with ‘crash prevention’, a simple but effective new feature that has been developed to protect print heads from crashing.” Aeoon’s new Plus integrated heat press feature is available for the Compact and Kyo systems The Digi-Cure + comes with a built-in infeed/outfeed fume extraction system