PENCARRIE: 0800 252248 | PRESTIGE LEISURE: 0800 6521234 RALAWISE: 0800 212180 | RALAWISE IRELAND: 1 800 599599 EA001 Cascades Organic Tee S-6XL 100% Organic Cotton Fabric Weight: 150gsm Available in 16 colours EA001F Cascades Organic Women’s Tee XS-XL 100% Organic Cotton Fabric Weight: 150gsm Available in 10 colours At écologie by AWDis, our mission is to build a better future for our planet without compromising on style. Organic cotton clothing benefits our eco-system, which includes us! Caring for the environment and making eco-conscious choices is always a progressive step towards producing minimal waste. SCAN TO VIEW MORE EA001 EA001 EA001F @ecologielbyawdis @ecologielbyawdis @ecologielbyawdis STYLE & CONSCIENCE EA030 Banff Sustainable Sweatshirt XS-XXL 70% Regenerated Cotton / 30% Recycled Polyester Fabric Weight: 260gsm EA040 Lusaka Sustainable Hoody XS-XXL 70% Regenerated Cotton / 30% Recycled Polyester Fabric Weight: 260gsm EA061 Wakhan ¼ Zip Sustainable Sweater XS-XXL 70% Regenerated Cotton / 30% Recycled Polyester Fabric Weight: 12lbs/doz, 7 gauge Regenerated cotton EA030 EA061 EA061 EA040 PENCARRIE: 0800 252248 | PRESTIGE LEISURE: 0800 6521234 RALAWISE: 0800 212180 | RALAWISE IRELAND: 1 800 599599 @ecologielbyawdis @ecologielbyawdis @ecologielbyawdis 02 images MAY 2022 SHOP TALK 04 Editorial 08 Print Shop Pooches #78 Monty from Jami Q‘s 16 Readers‘ choice 20 Decorated product of the month 84 Up close & personal Caroline Jones of GS UK NEWS HUB 06 Industry news Ricoh launches DTF solution for DTG printers, Kornit introduces Atlas Max Poly, and Print & Stitch roadshow dates announced KNOWLEDGE BASE 30 Fespa Global Print Expo 2022: Preview Innovative technologies, live events and industry knowhow are all highlights of the Fespa Global Print Expo later this month, says Michael Ryan 32 The Business Clinic What does equality look like in the workplace, and why SEO is so important for online businesses 34 Digital helpdesk Are you trying to decide between a printer/cutter and separate devices? Rob Goleniowski of Roland DG helps identify which is best for your business 36 Anatomy of a print Jay Jones of Merch Asylum reveals how his team produced an excellent print for the Pinku Kult fashion label 59 Powering down As energy prices continue to climb and the UK moves towards Net Zero, we ask how garment printers can reduce the energy consumption of their dryers 72 Mixing it up Erin Morgan of Amaya Sales UK shares the secrets behind making a mixed media design that is sure to command a premium price 74 Where is the kink in your workflow? Marshall Atkinson breaks down the top five things restricting the workflow in your shop 76 Ask Tony Ziggy Hill, of Monster Press, asks Tony: “What‘s the most common production bottleneck you see when visiting shops?“ 77 Reef effect Dominic Bunce reveals why, thanks to Wilcom’s Reef feature, lightweight garments are no barrier to large designs 78 Cap FAQs Erich Campbell offers practical cap embroidery tips to counter headwear hesitation PRODUCT FOCUS 42 Feminine fashion From sustainable fabrics to practical and on-trend styling, our collection of womenswear from the industry’s leading brands offers the perfect blank canvas 50 Covered from head to toe Get a heads up on the latest brandable headwear and footwear that will help your customers step out in style... and boost your add-on sales 52 Featured headwear The EC33 from Euro Cap 54 Featured footwear New safety boot styles from Work-Guard by Result 56 Serving up style From practical aprons and accessories to smart shirts and polos, we select decorator-friendly options for the hospitality and catering industry 62 Turn up the heat! Check out the most recent developments in drying and curing, from new platens and integrated heat presses to versatile conveyor dryers and entry-level calender presses INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT 28 How you can help Ukraine’s refugees John Lynch of Lynka explains how UK businesses can support rapid-response efforts to help Ukrainian refugees 38 Dream fulfilment Images visits Printful’s new UK fulfilment centre for ondemand print and embroidery and finds a company that is ‘thinking bigger’ 48 One step ahead Matt O‘Connor of Beechfield reveals the standout trends in the brandable headwear market for 2022 and beyond CONTENTS 40 38 48 54 77 36 72 34

©2022 – Beechfield Brands Ltd. All Rights Reserved. PRESTIGE LEISURE UK 0800 652 1234 | PENCARRIE 0800 252 248 RALAWISE 0800 212 180 | BTC ACTIVEWEAR 0800 012 4542 /RECYCLED B75RRecycled Urbanwear 6 Panel Snapback Trucker BEECHF I ELD . COM 04 images MAY 2022 Published by: 360 Communications Ltd images magazine, 360 Communications Ltd, 58a Livingstone Road, Hove, BN3 3WL, UK 01273 748482 | Advertising: [email protected] Editorial: [email protected] Subscriptions: subscripti[email protected] | Images is available free of charge to UK subscribers Subscribe online: | Update your subscription/contact details online: Publisher/advertising: Jonathan Vince | [email protected] Features editor: Rachael Glazier | [email protected] News editor: Mark Ludmon | [email protected] Publishing assistant: Gaby Bowring | [email protected] Design/Production: ATG Media | [email protected] Printing: Stephens & George Ltd | Goat Mill Road,Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 3TD (issn 0966 7512) Opinions expressed by contributors in this magazine are not necessarily shared by the Publisher. Editorial contributions are invited, on the understanding that the Publisher has the right to alter or abridge all such material as he sees fit. While the greatest care has been taken to ensure accuracy, the Publisher accepts no liability for either errors or omissions. MAY 2022 | VOL.31 NO.5 EDITORIAL The Collins Dictonary defines efficiency as ‘the quality of being able to do a task successfully, without wasting time or energy’. If your business has received a fuel bill recently then you’ll appreciate the energy bit especially. In fact, on opening the bill you may well have felt that a calming cup of tea was in order; only, boiling a kettle is an expensive business these days. But not as expensive as running your tunnel dryer. So, with energy prices on the up, we used the opportunity of our annual ‘Dryers, heat presses & calenders’ showcase (page 62) to ask the industry’s main textile dryer manufacturers for some tips on how you could reduce the amount of energy you’re Don’t waste your energy 1992-2022 using in your drying operations, and also what they are doing to make their machines as energy-efficient as possible. You can read their advice on page 59. Operating in a more efficient way isn’t limited to controlling dryer running costs, of course. This month, Tony Palmer (page 76) and Marshall Atkinson (page 74) both address efficiency with regard to workflow and bottlenecks in your print shop. In his cap embroidery article (page 78), Erich Campbell joins in with an example to illustrate how working more efficiently can require you to do the opposite of what you would expect. He agrees that visiting each colour a single time in the sequence is generally the most efficient way to embroider a design; however, with some caps this leads to pronounced rippling and shifting. His answer is to be ‘less efficient’, by splitting the design – stitching the colour and outline phases on one side of the design before moving on to the other side. Yes, it requires more colour changes, but the caps stitch perfectly, so ultimately you achieve a more efficient outcome. If you run a print and cut operation, then you may be trying to decide whether a printer and standalone cutter or a single printer/cutter device would bring the greatest efficiencies to your business. If so, then Rob Goleniowski of Roland DG is your man - his ‘Digital helpdesk’ (page 34) weighs up the pros and cons of each option and advises on the best fit and most efficient choice for different types of shop. Jonathan Vince Read tips and advice on how to reduce your dryer’s running costs, on page 59 REGISTER Subscribe now to receive your own free monthly copy of Images: UPDATE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS Working from home? Moved to new premises? Update your details online: 1992-2022 Images is a great publication full of new and exciting solutions for the branding industry. I would highly recommend this magazine and thoroughly enjoy reading through every edition Lucy Crook, Creative Branding


INDUSTRY NEWS 06 images MAY 2022 Follow the links to the full news stories online Ricoh launches DTF solution for DTG printers Ricoh launched a direct-to-film (DTF) solution in April that allows its directto-garment (DTG) machines to be used for printing onto film for garment decoration. It produces designs on PET film which is then ready to apply to clothing and other textile surfaces through heat transfer. The solution can be retro-fitted on Ricoh’s existing Ri 1000 and Ri 2000 DTG printers. It prints a CMYK layer first and adds a white layer on top – a reversal of the standard DTG configuration of white first and then CMYK. The production is supported by ColorGate Textile Productionserver V21.1, which accurately processes graphically rich artwork from creative applications. Ricoh, a specialist in print production technology, highlighted that the new DTF solution was useful for printing onto products with water-repelling surfaces like leather, nylon and Gore-Tex. Epson picks graduates for garment and interior redesign Designs by graduates from a mentoring and training programme run by CMYUK, Creatives in Residence Live (CIRL), have been chosen for workwear, promotional clothing and interiors for Epson’s demonstration facility in the UK. Garment designs from three graduates – Keely Russell, Evie Venables and Sarah Willcocks – were selected to be made into demonstrator workwear and customer merchandise. CMYUK, which supplies digital printers, cutting equipment and materials, provided training and hands-on mentoring for four graduates through the six-month CIRL scheme, of which Epson was a headline sponsor. Polly Chapman, Epson’s channel marketing manager, said: “Having seen the high-quality designs that the graduates had been producing, we were confident that they would deliver a variety of designs to choose from, that would also demonstrate the Epson print capabilities. “They exceeded our expectations, and it was very difficult to choose a winner.” Adelco to unveil drying innovations as it marks 50 years Adelco is preparing to launch new technology for printing and drying in the run-up to celebrating 50 years of trading this summer. It is to present three ‘new dryer innovations’ at this year’s Fespa Global Print Expo in Berlin, alongside revealing its new hybrid digital textile option. The trade show, running from 31 May to 3 June, will also see Adelco showcase its “ground-breaking” Cyclone Auto Carousel. Based in Hampshire, Adelco registered as a limited company 50 years ago this summer. It has grown from a small UK business to a global brand with partners in more than 36 countries, with a large manufacturing facility in Asia and a workforce of more than 150. In 2020, management introduced new branding for Adelco to better reflect the company’s evolution into a global manufacturing business. The Ricoh Ri 2000 DTG printer retrofitted with DTF technology Keely Russell’s winning design New artwork to celebrate Adelco’s 50th birthday Epson large-format print account manager Rob Weissenberger with Keely Russell

BTC Activewear: 0800 0124 542 · PenCarrie: 0800 252 248 · Prestige Leisure UK: 0800 652 1234 · Ralawise: K U S T O M K I T® THE ULTIMATE BUILT TO LAST FABRIC! SUPER WASH 60º Our Superwash 60 polos, tees and sweats are made from a premium, innovative fabric that can be washed and tumble dried time and time again without colour loss or shrinkage. A tight tension knit with a cleanfinish results in the optimum surface for printing. Super hardwearing and pil resistant. Quality make up - seams stay strong with outstanding shape retention. Ethically sourced and mindfully manufactured. BUY LESS BUY BETTER BUY KUSTOM KIT

INDUSTRY NEWS 08 images MAY 2022 PRINT SHOP POOCHES Monty was working up to a twirl #78 Monty Whether it’s pedigree pups or mangy mutts, decorators’ dogs are valued members of staff at embroidery and print shops from Barking to Furness. This month we have Monty from Jami Q’s in Wrexham, North Wales Full name: Monty Breed: Working cocker spaniel Age: Four years old Time at company: Four years Job title: Chief morale officer Job description: Greets, meets and welcomes customers and clients into our showroom, also cheers everyone up in the office and warehouse with the love of his ball; he has a sixth sense for knowing when someone is heading outside (or eating lunch). Special skills: Friendly and positive attitude and a fan of belly rubs, he can also balance a treat on his nose and catch it, and knows how to twirl, which I haven’t ever seen another dog do. Favourite colour: Process Cyan C as this is our company colour, the colour of our building and water. Going to work and swimming are two of Monty’s favourite things to do. Kornit launches Atlas Max Poly for printing on polyester In April, Kornit Digital launched the new Atlas Max Poly system for digital decoration onto polyester and polyblended garments. The new direct-to-garment (DTG) printer can put colourful, vibrant designs onto polyester, allowing for multiple effects and combinations such as emulating threadless embroidery, high-density vinyl, screen transfer and 3D effects. It features Kornit’s newly introduced ActiveLoad functionality. This offers automated garment-loading and pallet adjustment for repeatable, high-quality output with minimal errors, which is said to reduce time and waste, eliminate operator ramp-up and boost throughput by up to 20%. “Kornit Atlas Max Poly is a gamechanger,” said Omer Kulka, who is chief marketing officer at Kornit Digital. “For the first time, recreational sportswear, promotional and sports brands can embrace vibrant and colourful design with Kornit’s proven Max technology, setting superior quality standards for on-demand production previously not possible.” Follow us on Twitter @imagesmaguk MyWorkwear invests in DTF and embroidery machines MyWorkwear has invested £100,000 in new equipment, including a directto-film (DTF) printer, as part of the company’s plans for growth. At its base in Telford in Shropshire, it has become one of the first to install the new R-Jet Pro DTF printer from TheMagicTouch and Resolute DTG, which produces full-colour transfers for applying to garments. It has also added two new eighthead Tajima embroidery machines plus a single-head Tajima, bringing its total number of heads to 48 – all Tajima and supplied by AJS Embroidery. With other technology, the latest additions will enable MyWorkwear to increase production “substantially” in 2022 and beyond, with the aim of hitting its target of achieving £5 million in sales by 2025. The new production area, which was officially opened in April, has supported an increase in local jobs with employee numbers increasing by over 60% over the past year. MyWorkwear’s managing director, James Worthington, opens the new production area The new Kornit Atlas Max Poly was launched in April Scan the QR code on your smartphone to watch Monty demonstrating his ball skills

SCAN TO V I EW MORE JH022 XS - XXL TIE-DYE HOODIE Key Features • Relaxed fit • Twin needle stitching detail • Double fabric hood with round drawcords • Kangaroo pouch pocket Specification • 80% Ringspun Cotton / 20% Polyester Fabric Weight • 280gsm Due to the unique method of dying some variation in colour may occur JH022 Grey pink marble Blue cloud Tie-dye swirl Pastel Sunset dip JH022 JH022 JH022 GREY PINK MARBLE PASTEL SUNSET DIP BLUE CLOUD TIE-DYE SWIRL OUR MUST HAVE T I E-DYE COLLECT I ON I N A RANGE OF D I FFERENT PR I NTS PENCARRIE: 0800 252248 | PRESTIGE LEISURE: 0800 6521234 RALAWISE: 0800 212180 | RALAWISE IRELAND: 1 800 599599 )+ /% " -''#%0.$!# , % )+ /% " -''#%0.$!# , % )+ /% " -''#%0.$!# , % !!!( + / % " - ' ' # % 0 . $!# , % ( & '*

INDUSTRY NEWS 10 images MAY 2022 Garment decoration supplier supports Ukrainian refugees J&A International, which supplies transfers and badges for garment decoration, has raised over £41,000 to help Ukrainian refugees by donating one day of profits per week. J&A designated four Fridays, from March 18 to April 8, when all profits from J&A, Fastpens, Name Badges Intl and Stickers Intl were donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), which coordinates the UK’s public response to overseas disasters. The scheme – dubbed ‘Work To Help Ukraine’ – reached a final total of £41,654.60. J&A promoted the fundraiser with banners hanging outside its factory in Spilsby in Lincolnshire and with a sticker on every order. The management team said: “We want to show our support of the Ukrainian people who are having to endure the loss of their homes and family and do what we can to lessen their suffering.” B-Flex adds reflective silver heat-transfer vinyls B-Flex has extended its range of heattransfer vinyls for garment printing with the addition of the new silver BF Reflex series of reflective films. They comprise three silver films which are certified flame retardant and offer high visibility to international standards, making them especially suitable for workwear. The vinyls can be applied to all cotton, synthetic, nylon and treated fabrics. As with other products from B-Flex Italia, BF Reflex is distributed in the UK through Papergraphics. The BF Reflex films combine a polyurethane layer with glass microspheres that allow light to be refracted. The polyester adhesive is said to make the cutting line highly visible, while the liner allows easy weeding and easy repositioning of accidentally removed characters. The 140-micron thickness and slight elasticity make the BF Reflex series pleasant to the touch and comfortable for sportswear and leisurewear as well as workwear. Check out our full-length Decorator Reports: J&A International’s base in Lincolnshire Rebel Printerz These vibrant tees were printed by Rebel Printerz in Liverpool for HumanKind, a non-profit organisation which is fundraising for mental health awareness. West Lothian workwear supplier ‘bounces back’ Riggs Media Group, a supplier of workwear and promotional clothing, is “bouncing back” by acquiring online workwear provider West Lothian Workwear. The family-run firm, founded in 2016 and based near Bathgate in West Lothian, previously had a store in the centre of nearby Whitburn but, at the start of the pandemic, business was moved exclusively online. Commenting on the addition of West Lothian Workwear, managing director Gavin Riggs said: “It shows that we are on the bounce-back from Covid-19. We have grown back stronger. “We are putting all plans from pre-Covid times into action now. We are now on the lookout for a larger premises/unit to move into. We are only a small family business who are now looking to make the next step.” The studio at Riggs Media Group B-Flex Italia’s new silver BF Reflex reflective films

INDUSTRY NEWS 12 images MAY 2022 Tim Carter, a director of print technology company Ricoh, has become one of three new members of the Independent Print Industry Association (IPIA)’s council to help steer the organisation. Tim, who has been at Ricoh in the UK for more than 16 years, brings with him decades of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) technological know-how and a strong international network of people and companies. He has joined at the same time as Matthew Ruff, sales and marketing director at logistics specialist Reliance Worldwide, and John Morley, a director at eProductivity Software (EPS), helping to swell the IPIA council ranks to 17. IPIA chairman Graeme Smith said: “2022 marks an incredible year of growth for the IPIA and we’re excited by the energy, insight and diverse knowledge that Tim, Matthew and John bring.” Steve Stokes has joined digital printer and cutting equipment supplier CMYUK as senior digital sales consultant. He is an experienced senior account executive, coming to CMYUK from print technology company Ricoh UK where he was production print specialist for central reprographic departments (CRP). Before this, he held a senior sales development role at print and ink specialist EFI, following on from his time at Kodak where he was a key account manager and southern area dealer manager. Steve has known CMYUK for a number of years and worked closely with the business during his direct sales tenure at EFI. In his new role, he will report to Sue Hayward, sales director (equipment). CHANGING FACES Tim Carter Steve Stokes Arco backs research on recycling workwear polyester Safety products and services company Arco is supporting a new trial project to explore ways to recycle the polyester fabric used in workwear. It has committed seed funding to partner start-up company Stuff4Life on the research and development of a “closed-loop, circular economy solution” for polyester workwear such as hi-vis. The funding will enable Stuff4Life to commission a chemical recycling demonstration plant in collaboration with Teesside University in Middlesbrough. John Twitchen, director of Stuff4Life, said: “The humble hi-vis is an essential item for everyone working in hazardous environments, from mending roads and collecting bins to saving people at sea or up mountains. “The impact of polyester as a linear make-use-dispose garment is significant, but by recycling it those impacts can be substantially reduced whilst keeping all the performance benefits from using synthetic fibres.” Follow us on Facebook: @imagesmaguk Dr David Hughes of Teesside University, which is working with Stuff4Life and Arco on recycling the polyester in workwear Wild Thang expands internationally with Irish base Wild Thang, the Liverpool-based specialist in branded clothing, merchandise and print, has begun expansion into the rest of Europe by setting up business in Ireland. It has formed a new company, based in Dublin and Kilkenny in southeast Ireland, to “facilitate ease of trading and distribution between Ireland and the rest of Europe”. With offices, warehousing and distribution in the Irish Republic, the company says it will be able to service its growing number of international clients. Wild Thang managing director Andrew Dwerryhouse said: “It’s not a straightforward path and it’s been a challenging journey each step of the way to get to this point, but the team’s hard work has paid off to now create seamless trade between the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond.” Left to right: Wild Thang director John Howarth, British and Irish Trading Alliance president Paul Whitnell, and Wild Thang managing director Andrew Dwerryhouse Indigo Clothing These amazing Indian Motorcycle T-shirts were printed by Indigo Clothing in Loughton for Polaris Inc. MAY 2022 images 13 AT EUROPE’S LARGEST FOCUSED PRINT EXPO 31 May- 03 June 2022 Berlin, Germany PLATINUM SPONSOR GOLD SPONSORS SAVE €30 ON ENTRY USING PROMO CODE FESA238 REGISTER AT WWW.FESPAGLOBALPRINTEXPO.COM Embroidery • Print • Workwear Bags • Garments • Headwear For further information visit: or contact GS UK Limited, 5 Crocus Street, Nottingham, NG2 3DE Tel: 0115 8448000 E-mail: [email protected] PORTSMOUTH 24th May 1 3 MANCHESTER 7th June BRISTOL 26th May 2 DUBLIN 13th October 7 GLASGOW 27th October 8 BELFAST 11th October 6 BARNSLEY 15th September 5 CHESTER 13th September 4 A great opportunity to see cutting edge technology in action and talk to industry experts.

TRANSFER VINYL YOU CAN DEPEND ON 6?G 0"[email protected] 2;@<&[email protected]@ *[email protected] 2;<5> $& -%;> 4&# *GG#, >G%?&$5$A' 4&# <>,@ 4 (G>?$# $E A4D(G&> #G%$D4><$& >?4>,@ :;@> [email protected] "$";54D >$#4'+ 6?GDG 4DG @$ (4&' 94D<[email protected] >?4> #G>GD(<&G >?G F;45<>' $E ?G4> >D4&@EGD 9<&'5+ /""5<%4><$& ><(G 4&# >G("GD4>;DG. [email protected] $E *GG#<&A 4&# ;5><(4>G #;D42<5<>' 4DG :;@> @$(G $E >?G >?<&[email protected] '$; @?$;5# %$&@<#GD *?G& %[email protected]<&A >?G D<A?> $&G E$D '$;+ 1G *$D8 *<>? $&5' >?G [email protected]> =;D$"G4& (4&;E4%>;[email protected] >$ $!GD 4& ;&D<9455G# D4&AG $E 763+ 1?G>?GD <>,@ @<&A5G %$5$;D. (G>455<%. B;[email protected]%G&>. [email protected]?<$& @"G%<45 G!G%> $D "D<&>425G. *G ?49G >?G "GDEG%> (4>GD<45 E$D 4&' 4""5<%4><$&+ C;D G)%G"><$&45 ?G4> >D4&@EGD 9<&'5 <@ :;@> $&G $E >?G [email protected]$&@ '$;D 2;@<&[email protected]@ %4& 45*4'@ #G"G&# $& 0"[email protected]+ ® #dependonxpres

XP3019 &(!),%)' Evolution #,*"+$), Vinyl

INDUSTRY NEWS 16 images MAY 2022 Check out our Instagram Stories for the latest industry news @imagesmaguk Want to know what your industry colleagues really think of the garments and accessories they decorate? Each issue, one reader tells us why they rate a particular product Danny Donald, owner of Flippin Sweet Print Co. in Bridlington, says his favourite garment to decorate is the Stone Wash Staple Tee (5040) from AS Colour. “As an overall streetwear/fashion garment, the 5040 ticks all of the boxes for us in terms of decorating, shape, size, washability and price. “Also, the size and fit in particular suit my frame, so it’s a personal favourite that I wear all the time.” Danny recommends the 5040 to a lot of his customers, particularly independent brands, mainly because it’s his favourite garment to screen print. “I trust it,” he explains, “and know that my screen printing looks best on the garment. “We recently screen printed new Flippin Sweet Print Co shirts using the Stone Wash Staple Tee, and sent them out to a number of customers and other printers across the globe — everyone speaks very highly of the shirt quality!” READERS’ CHOICE DTF and hybrid printing set for Fespa Global Print Expo Direct-to-film (DTF) and hybrid printing are set to be among new garmentdecorating technology showcased at this year’s Fespa Global Print Expo. Organisers last month reported that innovations in garment printing will be presented by several of the 325 exhibitors already signed up for the event, which runs in Berlin from 31 May to 3 June. The show will also have a focus on sustainability across the print sector, with a new Sustainability Spotlight feature that is in line with trade association Fespa’s wider strategies for greater sustainability in print. Turn to page 30 of this issue for an interview with Michael Ryan, head of Fespa Global Print Expo, on what to see at the show. Garment printing innovation at Sign & Digital UK After three years, Sign & Digital UK returned to the NEC in Birmingham in March for its first outing since Covid-19. Despite concerns about attendance because of the pandemic, the event was busy across the three days, with many exhibitors in the digital garment print sector reporting strong leads and orders. Although the show is dominated by signage and wide-format printing, plenty of exhibitors presented technology for garment printing, especially direct-to-film (DTF). Read our full show review online at AS Colour’s Stone Wash Staple Tee is a great choice for indie brands, says Danny Fespa Global Print Expo in Amsterdam in 2020; this year’s event takes place in Berlin TheMagicTouch was one of a number of exhibitors demonstrating DTF printers at Sign & Digital UK in March

VISIT US ONLINE AT WWW.STORMTECHPERFORMANCE.COM FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT OUR UK SALES OFFICE | EMAIL: [email protected] | TEL: 020 8953 3377 e r ppare Extrem Outdoo A l h available in t e United Kingdom from Stocking Distributors BTC ACTIVEWEAR Point 1 Opus 9, Axletree Way, Wednesbury WS10 9QY Phone : 0800 012 4542 RALAWISE UK Zone 3, Deeside Industrial Park, Unit 112 Tenth Ave, Deeside CH5 2UA Phone : 0800 212180 PENCARRIE 14-15, PenCarrie House, S View Estate, Willand EX15 2QW Phone : 0800 252248

INDUSTRY NEWS 18 images MAY 2022 PSI in Düsseldorf postponed to 2023 due to pandemic One of Europe’s biggest trade shows for promotional clothing and other promotional products, PSI in Düsseldorf, has again been postponed due to the Covid pandemic. Due to take place from 26 to 28 April 2022, the show has now been postponed to 2023, returning it to its traditional timing at the start of the year, running from 10 to 12 January at Düsseldorf’s Messegelände. With visitors usually coming from around 90 countries including the UK, organiser RX Austria & Germany was concerned that the continuing global pandemic was holding back numbers. It also pointed to “the industry’s generally restrained business attitude”. View daily news updates at: Ikonic Print This smart workwear was printed and embroidered by Ikonic Print in Kilmarnock for Elite Glazing Installations. PSI in Düsseldorf has been postponed until 2023 New service offers ‘smart’ badges and transfers Avery Dennison has launched a new service providing heat transfers, patches and badges, including the ability to add digitally-enabled ‘smart’ options. The company, which specialises in innovations in materials science, branding and manufacturing, has set up Embelex to offer the embellishments to garment decorators, manufacturers, brands and retailers. Avery Dennison already supplies official Premier League shirt names, numbers and sleeve badges for on-pitch and retail garments. The badges have built-in smart technology that allows users to scan the badge to reveal hidden content on the Premier League app. Avery Dennison has been investing in its onproduct branding business over the past three years, and has also acquired Rietveld, based in the Netherlands and Turkey, which specialises in in-house designed and manufactured crests, heat transfers and decorative sublimations. Garments with embellishments from Embelex The GO Xpress 3947DA auto heat press Graphics One unveils largeformat heat presses Graphics One has unveiled two new large-format heat presses suitable for sublimation transfers on sportswear and other apparel. The GO Xpress 3947DA and 3959DA (Dual Automatic) large-format heat presses measure 99 x 119.4cm and 99 x 150cm. They are the latest additions to the professional line of Xpress heat press and rotary calendar products from Graphics One, the distribution arm of Prism Inks. The two new units were developed for one person to operate which “effectively doubles the output and productivity”. The GO Xpress 3947DA and 3959DA presses were developed for sublimation transfers on sports and fashion apparel, photographic metal, trade show graphics and a wide variety of other professional applications.

R E C Y C L E D W925 RECYCLED COTTON MAX I TOTE PRESTIGE LEISURE UK 0800 652 1234 | PENCARRIE 0800 252 248 RALAWISE 0800 212 180 | BTC ACTIVEWEAR 0800 012 4542 ©2022 – Beechfield Brands Ltd. All Rights Reserved. WESTFORDMI L L . COM WHERE STYLE MEETS SUSTAINABILITY 20 images MAY 2022 INDUSTRY NEWS Stay in the picture with our Instagram feed: @imagesmaguk It’s been a tough couple of years for musicians (and those who print merch for them), which is why it’s such a delight to welcome back The Great Escape (TGE) Festival this May – and why we’ve selected its awesome screen printed T-shirt as our decorated product of the month. “The Great Escape is the festival for new music, showcasing a diverse mix of the most exciting emerging and yetto-be discovered talent from around the world to music fans in Brighton,” explains marketing manager Carolyn Bates. With more than 450 artists spanning 30 nationalities performing across more than 700 shows, the festival line-up covers a wide variety of genres and aims to attract anyone interested in discovering their next favourite artist. Alongside this is a four-day conference which, Carolyn says, “aims to offer engaging, conversation-starting content, facilitate learning, prompt debate, encourage networking and drive business amongst music industry professionals from all over the world”. “The T-shirt was designed by our Great Escape in-house designer Paul Mulvey,” she reports. “Paul created the current core TGE brand around five years ago and has refreshed the key elements each year to keep it fresh and exciting. Paul works across all of our brand elements, including all of our merchandise.” TGE works with National Merchandise for its printing, which has a company-wide deal with Festival Republic. The T-shirts (made from organic cotton) have been “really well” received online, Carolyn confirms. “We are looking forward to finally being able to have the physical T-shirts available at the festival as we haven’t been able to do a live festival for two years due to the pandemic. “Branded T-shirts are a really lovely keepsake for our audience. We have a strong returning customer base who love The Great Escape so it’s important for us to be able to offer them merchandise that they can wear with pride all year round to remind them of the good times they have with us each year.” The Great Escape Festival takes place on 11-14 May in Brighton. DECORATED PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Branded T-shirts make a lovely keepsake for fans of The Great Escape Festival Aeoon adds Plus DTG series with integrated heat press Aeoon Technologies has introduced a series of direct-to-garment (DTG) digital printers that include an integrated heat press. The Plus series has been added for its Kyo and Compact models, allowing for garments to be pressed before and after a print, and in between, while still in the printer system. It means the garment can be pressed in between the application of the white underbase and the colour layer. This is intended to increase the print quality and also help with the washability of the print. The integrated heat press measures 40cm by 50cm and promises no press marks. Aeoon’s printers, manufactured in Austria, are distributed in the UK by Sanco Technology. Turn to page 62 for this month’s showcase on dryers, calenders and heat presses. The new Aeoon Compact Plus DTG printer with integrated heat press CBI calls for support as manufacturing prices rise A record number of UK manufacturers expect to raise prices over the next three months because of rising costs, according to research by the business group CBI. It reports that 80% of manufacturing companies warned that rising costs – exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – will force them to increase prices over the next quarter. This is the highest it has been since the CBI started asking the question in January 1975. Only 2% forecasted a fall in prices. However, the CBI has also reported a healthy picture for UK manufacturing output volumes which continued to grow at a “robust” pace in the three months to March, with a similar rate expected in the three months ahead. Energy costs are pushing up prices. Picture: Mohamed Hassan/Pixabay

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INDUSTRY NEWS 22 images MAY 2022 Budding designers create decorated Marvel garments A collection of decorated garments has been created by young British designers working with Marvel and The Prince’s Trust, giving them insight into the industry. The T-shirts, jackets, tank tops and beanies were designed by people aged 18 to 30 as part of a three-year mentorship programme run by the youth charity, helping them break into fashion and product design. The programme, which launched in spring 2021, consists of a series of workshops, hosted by Marvel owner Disney, culminating in the aspiring designers creating two Marvelinspired product ranges. The first range, which spotlights Marvel’s The Avengers, is now available to buy from The Disney Store and online at shopDisney in the UK and across the rest of Europe. Get Branded This intricate logo was embroidered by Get Branded in Edinburgh for Broxburn Boxing Club. Find our digital editions online: Schoolwear supplier gains ‘Living Hours’ accreditation Schoolwear supplier One+All has announced that it has become an accredited Living Hours employer, which ensures staff have fair and predictable working patterns. The accreditation means that One+All’s directly employed colleagues and contractors are entitled to decent notice periods for shifts of at least four weeks, a contract that reflects the hours regularly worked, and a guaranteed minimum of 16 hours of work per week. Living Hours is a new standard that has been developed by the Living Wage Foundation, which has benefited hundreds of thousands of families by enabling them to earn a wage they can live on. Nicola Ryan, director of colleague support at One+All, said: “As a B Corp, we’re duty bound to provide jobs that treat and pay people fairly. Signing up to Living Hours accreditation stands for providing financial clarity and certainty.” Construction workers ‘struggle to source safety workwear’ New research reveals that safety is paramount for Britain’s construction workers, but they often struggle to source the right workwear to make their lives safer. The research from Wasp Site Safety found that 92% of construction workers named safety as their most important consideration in 2022. However, many – especially younger workers – reported that they encountered barriers when trying to source the right safety workwear. Tom Skerritt, co-founder of Wasp Site Safety, said: “Our latest research found that 89% of construction workers’ lives would be made easier if they were able to purchase all of their safety equipment in one place.” To meet this demand, Wasp Site Safety supplies The Site Safety Box, which contains two Beeswift hi-vis vests, a safety helmet, a pair of safety glasses, a pair of Safe-T cut level D work gloves, a pair of ear defenders and a pair of ear plugs. Nicola Ryan, director of colleague support at One+All Tank tops printed and embroidered with Marvel designs as part of a mentorship programme Wasp Site Safety aims to make it easier to source safety workwear

IMAGE TRANSFER SOLUTIONS TheMagicTouch® Toner Transfer Solutions HTV - Print & Cut Materials Sublimation Transfers Direct To Film - Transfer Innovation

INDUSTRY NEWS 24 images MAY 2022 View our latest videos: Print & Stitch returns for 2022 The Print & Stitch roadshows are back after a two-year break, bringing together suppliers in the textile decoration industry in locations around the UK. Starting in Glasgow on 17 May 2022, the roadshows will visit Newcastle upon Tyne (19 May), Southampton (6 September), Watford in Hertfordshire (8 September), Manchester (4 October), Castle Donington in Leicestershire (6 October), Exeter (1 November) and Newport in South Wales (3 November). Exhibitors scheduled to take part include Beechfield Brands, BTC Activewear, DecoNetwork, Fruit of the Loom, Madeira Threads, Mantis World, Ralawise, Result, Russell, Stocks Sewing Machines, TheMagicTouch and Wilcom. Registration and entry are free. To register, visit The Print & Stitch roadshow in Derby in 2019 Gildan celebrates ‘respect’ for environment and people Gildan Activewear has launched a global campaign that aims to bring to life the company’s commitment to the environment, people and transparency. The new branding and creative campaign, called “Gildan Respects”, will run across various platforms, inspired by the garment manufacturer’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) programme. Content will include the release of an “anthem” film and documentary series, social media marketing, display advertising and a renewed digital experience on websites and social platforms across Gildan’s global communications and marketing. Gildan says it will highlight how the company respects the environment, including circularity in the production of apparel, and people, including the communities that it works within. One million hobbyists made craft their career in pandemic Around one million hobbyists changed their careers to sell clothing and other craft products over the past two years, according to research by supplier LoveCrafts. They were prompted to set up ecommerce businesses after the start of the Covid pandemic, resulting in 4.1 million people in the UK now selling their own craft items as a part-time or full-time job. LoveCrafts, which supplies products such as yarn, needles, threads, fabrics and hooks for hobbyists, found that 6% of Britons – 1.7 million people – now make their living from selling products they have made. A still from the Gildan Respects “anthem” video Research finds attendance bonuses fail to tackle absenteeism Offering employees incentives for good attendance has little impact and can even increase absenteeism, according to new research from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FSFM). In the study, apprentice retail staff were offered bonus points for full attendance, which were converted into either €60 (£50) or an extra day of holiday for every three bonus points. The researchers found that the monetary attendance bonus substantially increased absenteeism, by around 45% on average, and the time-off bonus had no effect on overall attendance at all. Timo Vogelsang, assistant professor at FSFM, said: “Postexperimental survey results find that apprentices with the money bonus felt less guilty about being absent, despite not being sick, and also felt less obliged by their contract to always come to work. “The monetary bonus led to absenteeism being perceived as a more acceptable behaviour as monetary incentives were being provided for a behaviour previously considered normal.” Timo Vogelsang The pandemic has prompted an extra one million people to sell their crafts online. Photo: Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

INDUSTRY NEWS 26 images MAY 2022 Premier Clothing joins sustainable cotton initiative Premier has become a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) as part of its drive for more sustainability. The workwear specialist is actively placing orders for its cotton through the BCI programme that aims to help cotton-growing communities survive and thrive while protecting and restoring the environment. A strategy in relation to sustainability – stated online at – has been laid out by Premier Clothing’s managing director, Ian Milburn. He said: “We have selected a number of renowned standards and certifications to help guide our sustainable growth over the next few years. “Becoming members of the Better Cotton Initiative means that we are supporting farmers who input material into our supply chain and we aim to increase our support for farmers by buying increased amounts of ‘Better Cotton’ each year we are a member.” Premier’s PR120, PR122 and PR121 aprons; the workwear manufacturer is now a member of the Better Cotton Initiative Businesses strike over rise in Etsy fees Thousands of businesses selling fashion and other products through Etsy went on strike in April, temporarily halting use of the online marketplace in protest at a rise in fees. Etsy, which hosts more than 5.3 million businesses, mostly selling apparel, art and crafts, raised the fee it charges sellers from 5% to 6.5% – a 30% increase – on 11 April. According to the organisers, more than 22,500 businesses backed the strike, including many in the UK – some for just one day, others from 11 to 18 April. The action was supported by a dedicated website, etsystrike. org, and a social media hashtag, #etsystrike. Thousands of Etsy sellers went on strike in April. [Photo: Ron Lach/Pexels] Demand for loungewear set to grow Demand for loungewear is predicted to grow after Covid-19 lockdowns, with new research revealing women want more comfortable fabrics and more sustainable loungewear. The survey results showed 61% of women investing in more casual clothing since the start of the global pandemic two years ago, with 44% reducing the amount of formal clothing in their wardrobes. The survey of women in the UK, Spain, Germany and the US was carried out by Harris Insights & Analytics for specialist materials group Eastman and its sustainable fabric brand, Naia, examining trends after two years of lockdowns and people working from home. Eastman Naia fibre was developed for loungewear We want to share your business’s success stories. Email us the details [email protected]

©2022 – Beechfield Brands Ltd. All Rights Reserved. PRESTIGE LEISURE UK 0800 652 1234 | PENCARRIE 0800 252 248 RALAWISE 0800 212 180 | BTC ACTIVEWEAR 0800 012 4542 /CLASSIC B15Ultimate 5 Panel Cap BEECHF I ELD . COM 28 images MAY 2022 INDUSTRY ISSUES Howyou can help Ukraine’s refugees When Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine, John Lynch leapt into action. He is the founder and CEO of European garment decorator Lynka on the outskirts of Kraków in southern Poland – only 230 kilometres west of the Ukrainian border. Working alongside colleagues from the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, he has spearheaded efforts to help Ukrainian refugees forced to flee their homes. According to United Nations agency UNHCR, more than 4.3 million refugees had left Ukraine as of 5 April, while another 6.5 million have been displaced within their country. At the same time, John and many others in Poland have personally stepped in to help people – mainly women and children – who often arrive with just a few belongings in a plastic bag. Humanitarian aid This is the first time John has been involved in humanitarian aid – “I’m just an entrepreneur, a screen printer, who had good fortune to build my business in Poland” – but he has quickly learned what support is needed. At this stage, he says, money is more helpful than spare garments that might not match the needs of refugees. “In Poland, they said, ‘Bring anything you want down to the national stadium and we’ll divvy it out as needed’, but it turned out to be a really complicated logistic task. So I would say, as much as the good intention is there, that sending stuff, unless it’s pretty big bulk container volume, is probably not the best way to help from the UK.” Rapid-response needs Because of Poland and Ukraine’s historical and cultural links, most refugees have ended up in Poland – 2.4 million at the last count. Early on, Lynka worked with clothing company Result to provide reflective vests for volunteers at the border, printed with “interpreter” or “volunteer” in Ukrainian and Polish. It also received apparel, including children’s clothing, donated by Mantis World and its CEO, Prama Bhardwaj. However, John points out: “It’s actually quite complicated to donate stuff – and it’s extra complicated for the UK because of Brexit. With Mantis and Result, we had to work out a lot of paperwork issues because selling it to the continent is one thing, but donating it to the continent is even more complicated. Clearly, money is the most valuable thing needed. The needs on the ground now are rapid-response needs. They need food, they need medicine. The stuff they need is pretty basic.” Lynka itself provided jobs for about 25 Ukrainian refugees in production and helped to convert an unused Kraków building into a refugee centre, including the purchase of beds. With the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, John set up Corporate Aid for Ukraine (CAU), a charitable fund providing rapid-response frontline humanitarian aid, both inside and outside Ukraine. CAU also involves the Poland and Kyiv chapters of YPO, the global community of chief executives, and is supported by Mark Brzezinski, US ambassador to Poland. They organised a webinar in April to discuss what garment decorators could do to help, sponsored by US-based promotional products supplier Gemline and with speakers including Vitali Klitschko, mayor of Kyiv and a former world heavyweight champion boxer. “We know how to get things done over here,” John explains. “I’ve been in Poland for 30 years, and there are a whole bunch of ex-pats here who know people and know how to get things done and speak the language. We have resources. We will buy the food here, we will load it on the trucks and get it into Ukraine next week – not in six months or three months like government aid.” Long-term support John emphasises that the crisis in Ukraine is not going away soon. “Most of the Ukrainians don’t have anywhere to go home to. Their homes were blown up. So we are not talking about a weeklong, month-long crisis – we’re talking about five years before some people can go home. There’s going to be need for support for a long time.” Visit the Corporate Aid for Ukraine (CAU) website to find out more about its work, and to make a donation. Every penny will count. IS John Lynch, CEO of European garment decorator Lynka, explains how UK businesses can support rapid-response efforts to help Ukrainian refugees Refugees arriving in Poland. [Photo: Chris Neidenthal] Kyiv mayor, Vitali Klitschko Lynka CEO John Lynch