ImagesMagUK_June_2022 JUNE 2022 images 73 TIPS & TECHNIQUES Dominic Bunce of digitiser David Sharp explains the process needed to create appliqués when using tearaway materials Tearaway appliqué materials, such as the Madeira Glitter Lux used for this piece, are a great way to create appliqués with ease because they can – as the name suggests – be torn away after embroidering. To use these materials there are some simple changes that need to be made to the digitising. Firstly, it is very important that it isn’t just digitised for a standard appliqué design. As the satin border (the outer border around the edge of the design) will tear at the material, making it quick and easy to remove once finished, the digitiser also needs to include a zigzag internal pinning stitch to the design. This will ensure that the material is held in place once finished despite the satin border tearing at the external and internal pieces of the material. Without the zigzag pinning stitch, the material will lift and become removed during wearing and washing. The process is simple: ■ Frame your garment as normal. ■ The design will start with a running stitch line, showing you where to position the material, and automatically stop once finished. A zigzag line (shown here in yellow) is placed around the design, slightly inside the satin border The final appliqué on a Just Hoods by AWDis Heavyweight Hoodie The excess material is easily torn away. Some slight tidying up may be required ■ Place material on top of the garment, ensuring that the material is flat. ■ Start the machine back up – it will then place a zigzag line around the design, slightly within where the satin border will be. ■ Continue stitching the remainder of the design, finishing with a satin stitch border around the edge. ■ Once finished, remove from the frame, and tear away the excess material from around the design. ■ There may be some slight tidying up required; to remove the smaller pieces, weed them with a pair of tweezers. If you’d like to try this design, you can download it for free at Tearaway appliqués