PF PRINT & EMBROIDERY CONSUMABLES 60 images JUNE 2022 Pyramid Screen Products: Achitex Minerva Screen Printing Inks Achitex Minerva has recently developed its Minermix Pantone matching system to incorporate hand-matching of all the newly introduced Pantone colours, and improved its offering of screen printing inks, says distributor Pyramid Screen Products. This includes the recently launched Rubber White EC, which is Gotsapproved and offers “a bright white ink with a matt finish and soft feel, plus a good level of stretch for more elastic fabrics,” adds the distributor. “On the other end of the colour spectrum, all us printers yearn for a true black when printing onto light fabrics, and Achitex Minerva’s Pitch Black fulfils this technical requirement perfectly. “The appearance is of a true pitch black, as well as having the expected premium on-press performance.” For a soft-feel discharge white to go under plastisol inks, Achitex Minerva has also improved its standard ZFSbased Soft Discharge White. Not only has its screen stability been improved, says Pyramid, but a development in the manufacturing process has resulted “in deeper fabric penetration, thus improving the softness of the feel when printed”. In addition, the new Gots-approved Eco Discharge white has recently launched in the UK and Ireland, and will be available from Pyramid Screen Products. International Coatings: Axeon Non-PVC NonPhthalate Inks The Axeon non-PVC, nonphthalate inks can be printed just like regular plastisol, with no need to change emulsion, curing temperatures or dryer speeds, says International Coatings. “Axeon inks don’t dry on the screen or in the bucket, and can be printed wet-on-wet. “They can speed up production, and save on labour and energy costs over using high-solids water-base systems.” The Axeon line consists of a colour mixing system, low-bleed white, blocker underbase and 19 special effects inks, including a clear gel gloss as well as highdensity inks. This ‘Bugslagio’ print, designed by artist David Edward Byrd, features eight colours printed wet-on-wet, with added glow-in-the dark and copper shimmer special effects Achitex Minerva’s Pitch Black offers “a true black when printing onto light fabrics”, says Pyramid Screen Products ETC Supplies: Mighty Hoops Magnetic Embroidery Frames, plus Embroidery Backings Mighty Hoops magnetic embroidery frames are available for all machine brands in all sizes, and come with the full additional fixtures and stations to make your production faster, reports ETC Supplies. “When using Mighty Hoops with the fixture and station board, you won’t have any problems with embroidery placement, ring marks or damaged garments and frames.” ETC Supplies also supplies more than 70 different types of embroidery backing, adding that it develops “new backings each year to keep up to date with the new fabrics”. This includes its Ultrasoft embroidery backing, which is 100g in weight so you only need to use one sheet, adds the supplier, plus the new Cotton Rigid Soft tear-away backing for fabrics with large embroidery. Mighty Hoops embroidery frames are available for all machine brands, says ETC Supplies