ImagesMagUK_April_2022 76 images APRIL 2022 Honourable discharge Discharge inks work by removing the dyed areas of reactive dyed dark garments to create a different colour in its place. "The pigments used in discharge inks are impervious to the discharge process so, essentially, they replace the colour that was there previously on the garment," explains Paul Woodward, technical support representative of the water-based screen printing ink specialist, MagnaColours. "Some refer to it as a ‘bleaching’ process, however discharge inks don’t damage the cotton fibres. The end result is an extremely soft print that can have little to no handle on the garment, whilst offering extremely bright colours." In this step-by-step, MagnaColours used its latest discharge formulation, MagnaPrint Discharge LO. LO stands for low odour because this ink system was developed not to have the unpleasant aroma when printing that discharge inks are often associated with. "Instead, Discharge LO offers a mildly sweet aroma that’s far more preferable for the shop floor!" says Paul. Learn how to create bright and beautiful discharge effects in this step-bystep guide from Paul Woodward of MagnaColours