Producing video content is still proving to be a growing area for businesses and marketers alike, with Econsultancy reporting that over 5 billion videos are viewed each day. For garment decorators, it gives you the chance to review products and your latest work, discuss your processes and provide customers with an insight into how you can turn their ideas into a reality. Here are some tips and pointers for YouTube success…

1 Invest in equipment & software: A simple one to consider before you start creating video content is what equipment to use. You want your video and sound to be audible with professional quality. Invest in editing software and quality equipment; this does not have to be costly thanks to sites selling pre-owned goods. Just do your research!

2 Create consistent content: Viewers like familiarity and routine. Create a format that works best for both you and your customers. Keep the branding and format of the video consistent, along with the duration and when and how often it is posted. This will help your viewers get to know you, your offerings and your brand better. Keep it simple, and map out your short and long-term strategies.

3 Encourage action: Get your viewers to engage with your video. I don’t mean just in terms of interacting and starting a conversation: pre-programmed notifications can be created to drive your viewers to certain products, pages online etc. Tie these in with any video you create, when relevant.

4 Build a following: Enhance your video and channel with your very own community. Grow a following, engage with them and encourage debate. Reach out to potential influencers and suppliers, off er product reviews and maximise your visibility and audience.

5 Optimise for search engines: Search engines will naturally pick up YouTube videos associated with your business as it is high quality, consistent content. To get it ranking highly each video needs optimising – include keywords in the title, create tags using your business’s keywords and provide a detailed description of your video and what it is offering.

6 Think mobile friendly: According to Google, 75% of adults watch YouTube on a mobile device. With mobile users more likely to be watching than those on a computer or smart TV, adopt a mobile-first strategy to deliver quality content to your viewers.

Andrew Langridge is from eTrader, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of websites to garment decorators across the UK.