The three-dimensional quality of the butterflies on this T-shirt by designer Tyesha Halls of H2NYC makes them look as though they are about to fly off the garment.

The shirt was printed by New York based USA Tees, and despite first appearances it is a 2D screen print: the 3D ‘floating’ effect is entirely down to the design and printing.

Tyesha explains: “The inspiration originally was based on a Valentine’s Day theme, but instead of the typical hearts, I chose red rose petals. It allowed the design to now transition into a spring concept based on the colours I chose and with adding butterflies to the image.”

The original image comprised a complex combination of multiple colours and tones, which USA Tees rendered as a five-colour separation using Adobe Photoshop. The design was printed using a Vastex manual press with plastisol inks from Union Ink onto a Gildan 100% cotton T-shirt.



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