Advice on how to create quality 3-D embroidered designs from Pete Williams of Sharon Lee

I’ve tried 3-D embroidery, but my early attempts have been disappointing: the embroidery looks a bit flat and there is a lot foam showing through the threads. What can I do to make sure the final result is up to scratch?

For starters, try using a thicker, stiffer foam: we import our foam from China and it is thicker than most of the foam used in the UK, giving taller, sharper-edged outlines.

Also, stock your foam in a selection of colours (we hold foam in five different colours) and make sure you use the colour that’s the closest match to the colour of your threads. Black foam under black threads will be far less visible than white foam under black threads.

Perhaps the most important thing to do is to use an experienced digitizer who is skilled at digitizing for 3-D embroidery. The foam is most likely to be visible along the edges and at the corners of the logo: an experienced digitizer will know how to finish the edges and corners to give a clean, sharp finish and prevent the foam from showing through.


Thick, stiff foam that closely matches the colour of the embroidery thread, combined with the services of an experienced digitizer, have combined to create the sharp edges and corners on this 3-D embroidered design