Result 2016 Winter Essentials Brochure

Available at the end of the year, the new Result Winter Essentials brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the full range and includes new additions for 2016, such as the R369X HDi Quest Knitted Hat and R374X Reversible Fleece Skull Hat. The 68-page, A5-size mini brochure offers plenty of new photography, making it ideal for presenting all aspects of the range along with full product specifications, sizing, colour range, Pantone shade guide, decoration access and recommended decoration types.

Towel City

The Towel City Collection

The Towel City Collection 2016 is neatly sectioned, includes information on sizes, is easy to use and packed full of useful information for decorators to refer to throughout the year. The collection itself is available in an array of colours, can be easily decorated, and all of the brand’s bath and sports towels are Oeko-Tex approved.


SF Lookbook

SF’s new Lookbook for 2016 features Pantone and size guides along with a brand new look that is designed to inspire and ignite creative minds. There are 21 new products and all new photography throughout. These include the new Feel Good Stretch Long Sleeved T and the Triblend T for men and women, which is available in four triblend colours.

Larkwood Baby and Toddler

Larkwood Baby and Toddler Collection

The Larkwood Collection for 2016 brochure includes adorable baby and toddlerwear photography, information on products, and other useful information for readers to keep and re-use. On top of that, it is spacious, light and easy to navigate.


Tombo Volume 2016

Tombo Volume 2016 is about evolving sportswear, with 11 exciting new styles being introduced by the brand. This year’s brochure photography takes a new direction that reflects Tombo’s urban feel, resulting in a brochure that has been designed to appeal in the same way as a coffee table book, engaging the reader from cover to cover.