Youngster Max Palfrey has launched a T-shirt designed for neurodivergent people.

In 2021, Derbyshire-based Max came up with the idea of incorporating a fidget toy into a T-shirt. He had always struggled with the feel of clothes and so also wanted to create garments that had no labels along with seams that didn’t irritate. 

After two years of research and design, helped by a grant from Erewash Borough Council, Max has created the Fidget-T. The non-scratchy, comfortable T-shirt is made from a modal/elastane blend and incorporates a type of fidget toy called a popit in the seam.

The patented design is sold online through the company Max’s family has set up, Comfa. Currently retail only, they are also interested in wholesale orders, as well as the possibility of adding decorations to the T-shirt in future that do not aggravate the wearers’ sensory needs.

The popit is hidden in the seam

The popit is hidden in the seam

The T-shirt comes in three colours – black, khaki green and light blue – and for ages 3 to 16+.