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NewTech roadshows
Sharon Lee feature
Golfwear Feature

In it Together

For the past three years Newtech's Martin Morrissey has been quietly building up a loyal – and ever larger – audience for its alternative take on the traditional tradeshow.

Quality First

Sharon Lee no longer describes itself as a headwear supplier; instead it promotes itself as a ‘quality headwear supplier'. Jonathan Vince spoke to marketing manager, Steve Clarke about this repositioning and the company's ultimate ambition to become the global headwear specialist

A Mole in One

Insider info on the golf industry - Golfwear buyers reveal what every garment decorator needs to know before breaking into the golf market.

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Top tips from industry experts
Less is more
New Roland products

Here's How

Technical tips, advice and suggestions from the industry's experts

Less is More

Multiple colours aren't the only way to produce a jaw-dropping design: sometimes less really is more, explains Marshall Atkinson

New Roland products

Roland DG's new Texart CS-64 calender press is billed as the perfect finishing partner.

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IMAGES April 2015 cover